after the coffee house

when I’m finished drinking
my double shots of espresso

with one pump of vanilla
and warm coconut milk


I’ll be tired of being alone
and I’ll come home to you

and you’ll still be waiting
because you know

that learning me means
knowing being alone is important

but it is also my own downfall
you’ll trust that I’ll catch myself


I might come home a little before you
and wait to see you smile at me

kiss me and tell me
I am the light of the night

how happy you are to see
the sunset in my smile

oh me

oh my

will play out loud on repeat
while our arms stage a ballet

on our rented floors
with an area rug we own

and our breath will shine opera
and our flip-flopping energy will
usher in the luxury money can’t buy

I’m saying we both
have something confusing to offer

more importantly we have

and in having something
we have everything
Oh me

oh my


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