Trees Are Burned Standing Upright

Trees are burned standing upright


It’s hot. Miri and I are in the car. She is driving; I lick the ice-cream (how would you like it, in a cup or in a wafer, asked the cute lady ice cream vendor. In a cup, I answered, I like to consume the wafer when it gets wet from the ice-cream). The wafer is nearly eaten. Miri tosses a gaze aside. A smile decorates her face.

“What?” I ask. What makes her laugh in this heat?

“Your face, like a little child. All your face is covered with chocolate.”

I smile, “What, only now you discovered that I’m a little girl?”

“You brownie”, she says and becomes silent.

The van turns left, onto the panoramic road. The ice-cream lies on my tongue and sweetens my life. A lorry passes on the route ahead. A few seconds before, I notice the hand of the driver moving outside his window. A few seconds later, we notice a tongue of fire igniting on our side of the road.

Miri stops immediately and we hurry to get out of the car, trying to find something to hold on to, something that will put out the spreading flame. It’s quite high and it’s not possible to step on it to extinguish it. Sssss, the crackling wildfire whispers towards the dry thorns, sssss, you are soooooo tasty… I’ll consume you without even any salt, sssss…

Trees are burned standing upright
The glove survived though

Today of all days, we didn’t take the jerrycan of water with us. Miri calls the fire department and summons them urgently to us. It will take at least a half an hour until they arrive and in the meantime the fire escalates. Drivers stop by to look and we ask them for a means to kill the fire, a fire extinguisher, water, something to work with. The grove can still be saved.

The trees stare helplessly at the disaster approaching with the speed of the wind. These are young trees. The ancient ones were destroyed two years ago in a previous fire. I can hear them rustle, shouting out loud with their silent voices, which are heard from the one end of the world to the other end: “Help! Help!! Helpppppppp!!!”

I was helpless, unable to assist.


And then, Sara’le came to lick the chocolate off of my face and comfort the salty tears.


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