The Shelf: Episodes 25 and 26

Welcome back to The Shelf, a film review podcast about the physical media we carry with us. This week, Nic and Hannah bring you the thrilling final two episodes of season one. We’re going on break, but will be back in March for your listening pleasure!

In episode 25, Nic and Hannah watched Spike Jonze’s academy-award-winning-cinematic-film-of-the-cinema, Her. Join us as we discuss lighting, color, costumes, set designs, scores, emotions, themes, and Jackass.

You can access the episode here: The Shelf, Episode 25: Her




In episode 26, Nic and Hannah descend into madness with Ari Aster’s horror hit, Hereditary. If you are strong of spirit and pure of heart, join them. If you want. No pressure. Seriously it is such a long episode.

Content Warning: This episode discusses topics of trauma, mental illness, suicide, and violence. 

Nic and Hannah reference two articles during this episode. If you’re interested in Sasha Geffen’s full take, you can find their article here: “Trans Horror Stories and Society’s Fear of the Transmasculine Body”

You can also find Willow Maclay and Caden Gardner’s blog here: “Body Talk: Conversations on Transgender Cinema”


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