Sam’s Guide to Gay Media #3: 5 Awesome LGBTQ Writers You Should Follow on Twitter

Besides reading really, really good writing, nothing is quite as beneficial to a budding writer’s evolving skills as following really, really good writers. Below, I’ve compiled a list of five of my favorite LGBTQ writers and editors on Twitter. I’ll link to a few of their best pieces of advice, funniest or most insightful tweets, or most exceptional written/edited pieces.

Follow these lovely folks, some of whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with personally, for queer AF humor, awesome links to pieces they’ve written or edited, and nuggets of writerly wisdom. Enjoy, and happy reading! Let me know who your favorite LGBTQ writer or editor is in the comments below.

1. Trish Bendix (@trishbendix)

Managing Editor, Grindr’s Into; former EIC of After Allen; she/her/hers

Highlights: Rich White Lesbians, Get Your Sh*t Together

2. John Paul Brammer (@jpbrammer)

Staff Writer, Them; formerly wrote for NBC Out; he/him/his

Highlights: Our Ultimate Wish List for “Queer Eye” Season 3; Why Activists Are Calling for PrEP to Be More Affordable

3. Meredith Talusan (@1demerith)

Executive Editor, Them; she/her/hers or they/them/theirs

Highlights: Op-Ed: Twitter Needs to Treat Misgendering Trans People as Hate Speech; Why Scarlett Johansson—or Any Cis Actor—Should Never Play Trans Roles

4. Cameron Glover (@blkgirlmanifest)

Writer, bylines at NewNowNext, Allure, Wear Your Voice magazine, Bitch, and more; Podcast co-host, Nerds of Prey; she/her/hers

Highlights: On Janelle Monáe and the Power of Representation for Queer Black Girls; How Black Femme Friendships Changed My Life

5. Zachary Zane (@zacharyzane_)

Writer and editor, bylines at The Advocate, Pride, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and more; columnist at; he/him/his

Highlights: What’s the Real Difference Between Bi- and Pansexual?; This Year’s Pride Reminded Me to Never Stop Being Visible

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