Queeries Closing Announcement

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that as of this month Queeries Blog will no longer be producing new content.

Queeries was a passion project of mine and after long consideration and a tough discussion between myself and assistant editor Colleen E. Smith, we realized we cannot sustain running the blog anymore. Queeries has always been on a volunteer basis for both ourselves and all of our artists and as funds and time has run low and more pressing action happens across the world, we realized it was time to disband.

It has been an absolute honor to host such a myriad of LGBTQIA+ talent for the past two years. The many writers and artists that have bared their souls on the pages of Queeries all have done tremendous work pro-bono, providing their work for the sake of sharing it with all of you. In the past two years we’ve shipped out zines across the country (and even to France!) that supported LGBTQIA+ causes, interviews with incredible drag talent, hosting everything from interviews with drag performers and collectives to podcasts to poetry to queer video game reviews to comics to fiction to personal memoirs. Simply put – the past two years have been a testament to the range and overflowing talent of LGBQTIA+ artists.

It has always been Queeries’ mission to uplift the voices of LGBTQIA+ artists by giving them a platform to freely share and host their work. In that spirit, all work previously uploaded will remain viewable on the website until June 2021. I highly recommend checking out our back catalogue of work. If any of our writers move you, I urge you to support them by following their social media links to their individual platforms. Each and every contributor continues to do amazing work.

Forever and always queerly yours,
Raine Grayson
Founder of Queeries Blog

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