Pansexuality in Schitt’s Creek: A Win for Represenation

How is everyone’s beautiful day/night/evening/morning/afternoon/twilight going? Wonderful! Well, mine is just fantastic, thank you for asking. Why is it so fantastic you may ask? Oh haha ta hee ha. Let me tell you. Because of a very special TV show called “Schitt’s Creek.”

Have any of you seen it? No? Well, let me be the first to tell you about it! It’s a comedy about a super, disgustingly rich family that losing everything and is forced to live in a crappy town the patriarch, Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), bought his son, David Rose (Dan Levy), as a joke for his birthday. The family is uprooted from their lives and forced to live in an extremely small town known as Schitt’s Creek. With its extreme hilarity and comedic timing, I invite you to give it a watch this holiday season and enjoy it as much as I have been.

Although I am only on season one and have yet to even finish it, I can still tell it’s only going to get better throughout the next few seasons. Why? Because they have done something no other TV show I have seen or heard of has done – represent a part of the LGBTQIA+ community that is usually overlooked and unheard of: pansexuals.

When a character on the show was revealed to be pansexual, I have to say I was taken aback with how nonchalant the revelation was. David Rose ends up sleeping with a female character on the show and after it’s over, she asks him about his sexuality as they shop for a bottle of wine. She tells him that she is under the impression that he enjoyed red wine just like she does; red wine being men. David’s answer is utterly perfect, and I think explains pansexuality with an immense amount of ease. He goes on to say that he does enjoy red wine but can also enjoy a white wine (women) or perhaps even a rose (bisexual people). He even said that he has tried a red wine that was once a white wine (trans). It’s a simple and relatable metaphor that explains what most people think is a challenging concept.

While I don’t identify as pansexual, I understand that any representation in the LGBTQIA+ community, whether it is in your “sect” or not, is a win. Especially when it is with a sect that is not normally talked about or even mentioned in mainstream media.

David was already one of my favorite characters and now I love him even more. I can’t wait to see how they develop his character further and where this revelation with his sexuality takes us in the show. (Hopefully a same-sex encounter/introduction to trans, bi or other pansexual characters). So for those of you who have seen the next few seasons, no spoilers. I will find you and end you.

While writing this article, I became curious about the representation beyond the “L” and “G“ in our media. Are there other pansexual characters in mainstream television? Well, I’m pleased to report that, after a little research, I was happily surprised that David was not the only pansexual pioneer on our televisions today. The children’s show, Stephen Universe, also boasted a pansexual character – Rose Quartz. While I had a hunch to look up that show, what with Steven Universe being known for its progressive nature towards sexuality and other social issues – I found so much more. It turned out Stephan Roget of had compiled a list of pansexual characters in fiction today. The list ranges from the Marvel universe to Rick and Morty to Stars Wars to Broad City – and yes, it even includes our friend Dave Rose on there! While I’m sure not everyone on this list is one hundred percent confirmed, it is nice to know I wasn’t the only person in search of a broader representation. I don’t know if these are one-hundred percent confirmed by the creators of the show or actors who portrayed them.

I am extremely proud of the direction television and the media is heading in. I acknowledge that we have a long way to go – there are a lot of ups and downs in the history of representation to our most marginalized sexualities. It is wonderful to know that our community, as a whole, is making sure every voice is becoming known. However excited I was by the fact that this list existed, and Schitt’s Creek gave us David, the fact that our pansexual list included only 15 characters out of all the characters that have ever existed is troubling. That is such a tiny, minuscule amount. A win, I suppose, is still a win – and boy do we need some of those. Also, the fact that at least “Schitt’s Creek” said the word “pansexual,” which I think was a first in television history, is pretty damn good. So keep it up Schitt’s Creek. I appreciate where you’re going and I hope you help to influence others to go in the same direction you are going in.

2 thoughts on “Pansexuality in Schitt’s Creek: A Win for Represenation”

  1. I like the definition of pansexual you described her. As a pansexual myself, the way I describe it for myself is this: I’m attracted to personalities, not bodies. It doesn’t matter what package it comes in, it’s what’s on the inside that counts for me. I can love any body, as long as I love the mind and spirit first.

    As for representation, it could be because the concept of pansexuality in the common lexicon is only recent. Honestly, for years I identified as bisexual, not knowing that there was a more correct term for who I was. The first time I saw pansexual, I screamed in my head, That’s it!! That’s who I am. It was revelatory. But that’s only recently. Maybe as we become more visible, there will be better representation.

    1. Thank you! I love your take on pansexuality. I’ve never heard it explained that way and it’s very insightful. Hopefully, there will be more representation in the future. I do feel like we can only get more educated and accepting from here, so I have high hopes!

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