Welcome to Queeries Blog!

Hello and welcome to the official launch of Queeries Blog!

This blog has been in the making behind the scenes for a few months now and we are so excited to bring the work of the 16 amazing artists to the public!

Founded by Raine Grayson, a playwright, director, and activist, Queeries is a platform for LGBTQIA+ identified artists to share their work, thoughts, and experiences with the world. We have a myriad of different artists and writers contributing to Queeries – journalists, sculptors, poets, authors, burlesque performers, actors – all from different perspectives and identities. It is meant to inspire, inquire, educate, and provoke as the contributors share with you all their art and themselves.

This blog will offer up to the world a work as varied as it’s contributors – we will share with you tips and tricks of our various trades, interviews, podcasts, featured artist slots that lift up the work of our artists (and all LGBTQIA+ identified artists), the stories of our own journeys, our relationship with the world and the media around us, and so much more. Like life, we are unpredictable. As artists and creators, our work is ever changing. However, we are excited to share with you.

Check back on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays every week for new posts!