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For me, music is first of all something I absorb into my soul, it is an inspiration source for my writing, it accompanies me in most of my life. There are songs that played in the background during important junctions, during meaningful events, both mine and general, and when I hear them again – they bring up memories of those events and revive them.

Close your eyes, listen to this song and let your imagination go free, meaning: imagine as you like. I’m sure that each of us has her own association regarding this song.


Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling in Love


I deliberately posted this in audio and in this specific version, in order that you could imagine and not be occupied with watching the performance, and also because this song is very special to me. Many years ago, in a moment of elation of happiness, Jessica played this song in this version and we danced to it overflowing with emotion. When the second verse started, she stopped, kneeled, and asked me to marry her. Thus, every time I hear this song, if it’s on the radio, out from a passing car, or any other source – it immediately throws me back to that magical moment and overflows me with the love I still have for her, despite the many years that have passed, despite that she’s no longer with us.




I never imagined that this song or any other overflowing song can be used as music that one can exercise to its sounds. Music for exercising is, as far as I’m concerned, something like the following sounds – sounds, not vocal. The human voice takes me out of concentration and confuses me, so I can’t do the moves properly. As it is, I’m not too good with my coordination, this is why I prefer a calmer and softer area like Tai Chi, but there wasn’t any in Hadera. Having no choice, I enrolled for Pilates. In essence, during the first lessons you could hear our guide worrying about my pace: “Sharon we are here”, while emphasizing the move where the rest of the class was at. Until she gave up…

Anyway, to my taste, the following music is most suitable.

Relaxing Music for Pilates

Also, in my opinion, classical music is great for exercising.


Adagios: Best Relaxing Classical Music

You got it, right?


We are standing in a bow pose, our backs parallel to the floor, hands on both sides of the body, the head is stretched forward. So far, I’m good, but then we are instructed to lift the right knee… I wobble to my right and then to my left, and I have to bring my right foot to a safe place on the floor instead of it wandering around the room.

The instructor, a nice woman at my age, very well kept and in shape (unlike me), came near me to assist me with the exercise. I am happy for her assistance, but then this song started to play…

Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling in Love

I have no idea how did it burst from me, but without any ability to control myself, I grab her into my arms, holding her tight and starting to hover with her in space. She doesn’t resist, but integrates into my arms.

When Elvis sang “but I can’t help falling in love with you”, I kneel, my hands on my heart and I’m looking up, at her. She is standing, waiting. “Put your hands on my shoulders”, I instruct her, and she follows. I embrace her legs and lift her up at once. Again we are swaying in space, her hands are holding me tight. The silence in the hall is absolute. The crowed is probably stunned. The song is playing in full volume, everybody is holding their breath and I’m celebrating… I think she does too.

David Garrett – Viva La Vida

Hallucinating words

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