Media Review: “It’s Okay to Be Gay” – Doug Armstrong

In a new comedy EP, Doug Armstrong sings the kinds of songs we can relate to.

Doug Armstrong’s debut comedy EP “It’s Okay to Be Gay” is quite the joyride. From beginning to end it is filled with light-hearted, positive humor that can make any confident, gay man like myself want to shout from a rooftop “I like dick, balls and bum!” – a line from the “What I Like About Guys,” the last song on the EP. Each song sends off a positive message and informs the public of the daily struggles of what gay men go through.

The first song, “It’s Okay to Be Gay,” is a Crazy-Ex Girlfriend-esque tune with clever lyrics and an even catchier melody that serves as a guide for the closeted. Armstrong’s song tells its listeners that it is okay to be who you are and reminds those not yet out and in touch with the community the same thing. The song is incredibly forward and honest, which is important when talking about this topic. It’s a strong start to the EP and really sets up the mood for the remainder of the piece.

The second song, “I Really Want a Boyfriend,” is probably the most relatable thing I have ever listened to. Armstrong hits on every aspect of the gay single life and the difficulties that come with it. Whether that means caring about your physique too much, being forever alone, or swiping right on every guy on Tinder because you’re that desperate. The song is extremely enjoyable and maybe my favorite on the EP.

The third song, “I Want to Wear a Crop Top,” is all about breaking gender roles and wearing exactly what you want to. Being the owner of my own Crop Top Hoodie, this is another song that spoke to me on a spiritual level. I’ve gotten some interesting looks going out to a bar wearing that, but with this song, it’s easy to forget about all the haters and remember that you have the liberty to dress however you wish.

The fourth and final song, “What I Like About Guys,” is something of a power ballad/ode to being exactly who you are –  uncensored, unashamed and uninhibited. The song is filled with explicit lyrics, so if that bothers you at all, get ready, but it’s precisely what it needs to be for its intended audience. But I have to admit, my mouth dropped and I found myself laughing all throughout this song. It was an enjoyable song that really speaks the truth and I tip my hat to Armstrong for being so forward with a topic that can be so sensitive to some people.

Overall, the EP is a homerun. His singing voice may not be that of a Broadway singer, but he can carry a tune and at the end of the day what is important are the messages he is sending. It is a courageous piece of art that I can easily say will remain on my phone and in my ears for the next coming few weeks.


Here’s a link to Armstrong singing my favorite song off the EP, “I Really Want a Boyfriend:” 

If you’re interested in more of his stuff, check out his YouTube Channel! He’s a pretty funny guy with some hilarious videos and other catchy tunes!


Update on: 9/21/18 by author: John Boughton

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