Leviticus 20:13

Leviticus 20:13

His gold encrusted body

Lies before me like royalty,

Leaving holes in my body,

Piercing each of my limbs.

Arms stretched out wide,

Wide as the Sea of Galilee.

He drips blood & tears.

Blood for the saved / Blood for the sinners / Blood for the forgiven

Love falls from his wounds, tears roll down His face, as each

Breath of Betrayal exits the lungs of His lovers. They crowned him

With a wreath of thorns / With a sky of storms

The sinners / The damned

Crucified, as Jesus was

They curse the love I make /

They damn the breath I take

His blood is not for me.

I am the unforgivable /

I live as an untouchable /

An abomination of man.

Do not forgive me God,

As you forgave Judas.

I would rather live in sin

And love in rebellion

Than follow a traitor

Of false prophecies

And crumbling vows.

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