La Isla Bonita

Before you
I had never been in Love

It was like I had finally reached this unknown beautiful island

after a long rough journey

of searching for what I thought I had found

One that blinded me with its majestic palm trees and it’s blazing sun
The warm sand under me soothed my emotions, and the breeze

allowed me to breathe.

I didn’t allow the thought of such a creation from the heavens above,

to be the death of me.

I wasn’t ready for the sun to burn my skin
I wasn’t ready for the breeze to freeze me
I was not ready for the beautiful palm trees to be the reason I wouldn’t sleep
When I swore there were shadows lurking in the dark of night
I wasn’t ready for the once soothing sand to be painful when it dug into my burnt skin as I tried to rest at night
I didn’t prepare myself for the way the island would slowly kill me

And willingly I would give myself

Because the beauty of the enchantment cut off the pain
And the blood it drew from my wounds eventually faded into the clear blue sea
It wasn’t until I realized I was dying
That I woke up from this fake reality.

I blame the island for having just been there
Why had you been created so perfectly?
Your intentions were not evil
But you killed me
I was once enchanted with the idea of love

I was naive and didn’t know what it was
I found someone who took more than they gave
But I didn’t see the uneven ways
The pain the hurt the challenge
Was all forgotten by kindness
The kindness that flows from forgiveness
When someone breaks your heart

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