Interview with Swedish Actor – Amanda Erixon on her newest LGBTQ Short Film

Today I have a very special treat! Recently, I reconnected with an old friend that I met back in my Los Angeles days. Her name is Amanda Erixon. We met during the summer of 2017. She had just graduated from Stella Adler School of Acting in New York and had received a scholarship to study on-camera acting at The Art of Acting Studio in California. So clearly, she is an incredible human, actor, artist and friend. While talking about our recent projects and things we were excited about in our futures. She happened to mention this amazing short film she co-produced and acted on called “A New York Moment.” It tells the story of two women, Molly & Dana, going through the struggle of pursuing their dreams in the big apple and the romantic love that grows stronger between them, the more challenges they face.

What’s even better about this piece though, besides the LGBTQIA+ representation (can I get a hell yeah?), it’s a collaboration between a multitude of international artists, which we love. The Producer: Vered Rodriguez is from Israel. Co-producers & Actors, Amanda Erixon, and Noy Marom are from Sweden and Israel respectively, the writer, Anthony Demare is from Canda, the director, Flemming Laursen is from Denmark, the PM, Emilia Björnsdotter is also from Sweden and the audio technician is American.

Sounds amazing right? Right. So, during our little visitation. I decided to conduct a mini-interview on the lovely Amanda, just to pick her brain a little bit on the project.

John: How did the idea of making this film come up?

Amanda: I and Noy Marom wanted to work on a project with a story that we felt connected to and my friend, Anthony Demare, was interested in writing a short with some given circumstances combined with his own ideas, so we decided to make this happen.

John: So which character did you play and what was your approach with the character?

Amanda: I played Molly, and I started as I do with most characters: to spot our similarities and differences. I worked on finding the layers in her and building a solid background story to her relationship with Dana. I tried to be open and playful in my interpretation to be free to allow new discoveries to happen on set.

John: Are either you or Noy Marom lesbians? If not, what was it like portraying a character from the LGBTQIA+ community?

Amanda: No, none of us are. I have portrayed a lesbian before and for me, that’s not a big difference from playing someone straight. Love is love, right? So I use my own emotions I would have for someone I love and embody my character which projects these same feelings to someone she loves. I like playing characters that are different from myself, so I really get to use my imagination.

John: What makes this story different from all the other love stories/people working towards their dreams (La La Land for instance)?

Amanda: It’s a very basic setting so the focus is on the dialogue and not so much other extra effects to tell the story. It leaves the audience with room for imagination on what’s happening next. You jump straight into a situation and it’s up to you to paint the whole picture, I would say.

John: What was your favorite part about making this film?

Amanda: My favorite part of working on it was that it was a collaboration between friends that are all passionate about making film together.

John: What made you pursue a career in acting?

Amanda: I was introduced to live theatre at a young age and loved seeing the shows. But watching tv-shows and movies, I always found very fascinating and compelling. Through singing and the musical theatre repertoire, I found my way to straight acting and fell in love with it. I have always felt the need to tell stories and exploring new characters is so interesting to me because you learn more about yourself and humanity with each new role. Acting made me feel alive and challenged, which I liked. It is my big passion and where I feel most at ease.

John: What’s the next step with this film?

Amanda: Well it’s currently in post-production, but after that will submit it to festivals in the U.S. and Europe. Make sure to stay tuned about this short and group of up-coming filmmakers.

So, there you have it, folks! Keep your eye out for “A New York Moment.” As the release date approaches, hopefully, we’ll get a peek at some footage, but for now, this interview was enticing enough for me to be waiting with bated breath for this to hit the big screen.

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