I will try to describe the indescribable

I will try to put into words the emotions crossing through my mind when I think of you

It’s not easy

So bare with me

It is this avalanche of words that decides to clog up my throat

Denying me the ability to make any sound  

So this explains the unique moments in which you leave me speechless

Especially when no one is around

It is your soft breath as it caresses my skin when we intertwine

Our bodies into a sculpture

One too original to duplicate.

Have you ever seen the way your eyes gleam when you smile?

Those eyes always have me in denial

Of the cheesy things I want to say

In the moments you’ve had me vulnerable

When you call me beautiful

And I feel naked for a better sense of the word

You don’t physically take my clothes off to be intimate

Instead you peel me from within

Kiss me with the lips

you use to talk

Your eyebrows

I love how they mesh together at the arch

Your face as it curves at the waterfall of your cheeks and plummets to your chin

Raw moments when you hold nothing in

It is the nasty things you want to do

It is the fact that you are truth

Let me really try to describe what I feel for you.

It is the smell

After rain

When you are deep in the forest

Raw, full, distinct.

No way of confusing that with anything

when there is nothing like it

It is the feeling that a roller coaster creates at the pit of your stomach

As it fuels you with adrenaline

And you can’t get enough

You are my addictive rush

A combination of all the reasons why I’ve ever smiled

Yet feel like I haven’t smiled enough

Let me tell you something

I don’t have to see you naked to know the redefined jewels that you possess

Your mind

Your spirit

Your heart

Not even diamonds could play those parts

For you are priceless


A combination of words that I have yet to come up with 

A description of the perfect sentence for the imperfectly perfect woman

It is not easy, for you are indescribable, yet still I’m here trying to do it.

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