I Pray

Can you tell me how you pray ?

For me it’s different you see

I stand up tall

Face the sun and all 

Engulf in the energy the Universe has for me 

I curve

Fetal position 

Late at night when the pain in my heart gains weight and holds me down so I can’t escape 

I pray 

On my knees 

When in need 

I knead my prayers very carefully 

create sentences out of sounds 

In hopes that’ll it get to your ears somehow

I pray 

in silence 

When I’m walking down the street 

And start to feel defeat 

No blessed reason at all

Those moments when my own brain forces me to crawl 

I pray 

When my heart flutters a little too hard 

Because I’ve been through it before 

And all I created was works of art 

My pain

black ink 

On a page where words are drawn


I pray 

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