I came back from Running Errands

Yoni Rechter & Arik Einstein – Lady with Baskets


I came back from running errands. The princess was sitting on the hewed palm tree in our building’s garden, probably waiting for me.

When I left the house, it was warm and cozy. A light breeze blew most of the time, rising occasionally and if it wasn’t for the hat to my head laced with a lanyard, she would have flung it on me and ruffled my hair. If it wasn’t for the wind, I would set the weather as perfect and pray that it will stay that way all the time

The errands went fast, so I didn’t delay much. All in all, it took me an hour, I went out and went back. What takes time is the preparations before, and especially after. Before leaving the house, the mask must be worn. This is not a pleasant act, but there is no choice. I have no desire to pay a 200 ILS fine for not wearing a mask. When back, it is to go straight into the shower to purify myself from the street. It has always been – the disinfection from the street at all seasons, but in these Corona days, all the more so, even more than seven times over.

‘What is she doing on the tree?’ I think to myself. Although I wanted to show her that I noticed her, I have no intention of waving to her. I walk past my neighbour and smile at him. He smiles back at me. If he noticed me waving to the air, he might doubt my sanity. That doesn’t me.

“I was waiting for you, what did you think I was doing here?” She explains to me. I take a quick look at the neighbour to see if he can hear her. “He can’t hear or see me, you don’t have to worry.” She reassures me. I stifle the sigh of relief that almost escapes my mouth. It’s not appropriate to release sighs in the neighbour’s ears.

I go up the stairs and open the door. She does not go up after me. She doesn’t have to, because she can enter my house without using the stairs. I didn’t know what her plans were and how long she intended to stay. She is always unexpected. The wind blowing outside has no trace inside the apartment. It maintained a normal, warm temperature, such that suited me. “If I hadn’t known you, I would have commented that it’s hot here,” she comments. ‘But you know me’, I think to myself. “Yes indeed, definitely,” she replies. “May I help you with the groceries? I can arrange them for you and you can go to shower. Would you like me to do it?” Of course I want to, that’s a relief for me. It’s nice to have help.


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