Four Love Poems

Corinne Hermes – Si la vie est Cadeau (Life is a Gift)


My hand is longing for your hand

My heart is melting into your heart



My gaze is searching at your gaze

My body floods to your body



And my lips to your lips

Whispering love



Dikla – There is not Such Love Anymore


Your Warm Hand

Your warm hand

cups my face,

your gaze so soft…



Don’t let your logic

to take over on your love

because you I love so much

and what do we care about others…

What about the others?

David Garrett – J.S. Bach’s Air


Moving air from one hand to the other,

between my hands – nullity…

I pity us.


My body shivers, trembles.

What would you say, if

I would caress love

across your smooth shoulder,

Where your white, swanlike neck

meets the collarbone?


My hand slides in the air,

Sketches your body contour,


Zehava Ben – Ahava Ka’zo (A Love Like This)

What I Have for You

“Look what I have for you,”

he said.

He said and laughed.

I was not interested.


“Look what I have for you,”

she said.

She said, smiling.

I was very interested.


Hallucinating words

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