Food, for the Soul

I’ve been tracing back my ancestry
Through the flavors of my mother’s food  
The fresh smell of a home cooked meal will forever make my mouth water 

As my tongue dances with the flavors

passed down from generations

Delves deep into my senses as they explore,

And as they’ve begun to conquer
I chew. 
Break down the things I’ve been fed
And swallow them
Break down the things you’ve been force fed and reject to acknowledge them
As truth
Flavors have been teaching me about my ancestry since before I was born

My mother tells me
About how she wanted a coffee child
To hold against her vanilla complexion
She told me, I am priceless.
Called me her diamanté negro
Her canela finá

Brown sugar melted becoming my skin
I’ve learned to savor myself through times and times of hunger

You see
These times
I learned about God
Watched my mother kneel
I’ve watched her make miracles
My Goddess
Creating full meals out of nothing

I’ve watched the Universe give
Time after time again.

I’ve learned about my being and belonging
Through plates of food that make the soul content
My mother always bringing me back


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