That is what I caused
As I sliced your heart with my sharp words
The incisions I created were not intentional
I promise
I lost control of the exacto knife while tracing the outline of your heart 

I had punctured an artery and the bleeding wouldn’t stop 

Believe me 

I know first hand the pain that follows a broken heart
And I promised myself I would not tear someone else’s apart

If you think I tripped you over
Made you fall for me and then didn’t catch you

That’s a lie

I caught you time after time


We don’t talk.

Keep seeing 9:23 on the clock

A time that I have solidified with your existence

A number that transports me back to that existent 


Where all I did was make you smile


I hope you forgive me someday

Till then,

I wish you blessings beyond descriptions

Yours truly Noah the shrimp

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