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Image Caption: Black and rainbow text on a rainbow background that reads “We’re taking a short break. See you all on January 15th! Hope your holidays are merry and gay from all of us at Queeries Blog.

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Queeries Blog wishes to name and remember the 49 of us that lost their lives during the Pulse Orlando shooting on June 12, 2016.
Rest in peace and rest in power.
Your spirits will always be with us.

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Stanley Almodovar III, 23 years old

Amanda L. Alvear, 25 years old

Oscar A. Aracena Montero, 26 years old

Rodolfo Ayala Ayala, 33 years old

Antonio Davon Brown, 29 years old

Darryl Roman Burt II, 29 years old

Angel Candelario-Padro, 28 years old

Juan Chavez Martinez, 25 years old

Luis Daniel Conde, 39 years old

Cory James Connell, 21 years old

Tevin Eugene Crosby, 25 years old

Deonka Deidra Drayton, 32 years old

Simón Adrian Carrillo Fernández, 31 years old

Leroy Valentin Fernandez, 25 years old

Mercedez Marisol Flores, 26 years old

Peter Ommy Gonzalez Cruz, 22 years old

Juan Ramon Guerrero, 22 years old

Paul Terrell Henry, 41 years old

Frank Hernandez, 27 years old

Miguel Angel Honorato, 30 years old

Javier Jorge Reyes, 40 years old

Jason Benjamin Josaphat, 19 years old

Eddie Jamoldroy Justice, 30 years old

Anthony Luis Laureano Disla, 25 years old

Christopher Andrew Leinonen, 32 years old

Alejandro Barrios Martinez, 21 years old

Brenda Marquez McCool, 49 years old

Gilberto R. Silva Menendez, 25 years old

Kimberly Jean Morris, 37 years old

Akyra Monet Murray, 18 years old

Luis Omar Ocasio Capo, 20 years old

Geraldo A. Ortiz Jimenez, 25 years old

Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera, 36 years old

Joel Rayon Paniagua, 32 years old

Jean Carlos Mendez Perez, 35 years old

Enrique L. Rios, Jr., 25 years old

Jean Carlos Nieves Rodríguez, 27 years old

Xavier Emmanuel Serrano-Rosado, 35 years old

Christopher Joseph Sanfeliz, 24 years old

Yilmary Rodríguez Solivan, 24 years old

Edward Sotomayor Jr., 34 years old

Shane Evan Tomlinson, 33 years old

Martin Benitez Torres, 33 years old

Jonathan A. Camuy Vega, 24 years old

Juan Pablo Rivera Velázquez, 37 years old

Luis Sergio Vielma, 22 years old

Franky Jimmy DeJesus Velázquez, 50 years old

Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon, 37 years old

Jerald Arthur Wright, 31 years old

Undoing Misogyny

Internalized misogyny is everywhere – even in my coming out as bisexual. 

Guest Written By Maddy Del Caño

When I was 16 years old, I came out as bisexual to a few of my friends.  For years prior, I called myself “heteroflexible,” or “straight, but I’d make out with a girl.”  How I knew this, I wasn’t sure. A late bloomer, I barely wanted to hold my boyfriend’s hand, let alone kiss a girl.  When the word left my mouth, “bisexual,” I felt a pit in my stomach. Something about it didn’t fit, like a skirt that hung too high and clung too tight, leaving me feeling exposed, sexualized.  I felt like I was lying, because while I had crushes on Max, Sean and Brian, I couldn’t bring myself to think about dating the girls around my school.

Cut to four years later, and I am openly queer, have gone on dates with women, and proudly advertise myself as bisexual, but there’s still sometimes hesitation as I take a step back and notice myself preferring masculine-presenting people more so than feminine-presenting.  Of course, bisexuality is a spectrum, and some people may feel more attracted to the opposite side of that spectrum than they are to their own gender. However, I notice myself often comparing myself to other women rather than allowing myself to be attracted to them.  So what happened between 16 and 20? And why am I still wincing at my own behavior?

Down Wit Da Cause Podcast: Ep 1 – Pxssy Powah Feminism!

What is “Pussy Power!” Feminism? Critiquing Mainstream Feminism, Pussy Hats and Sisterhood Ain’t Dead Y’all.


Welcome to the first installment of Queerie’s monthly Down Wit Da Cause Podcast by Cat Keefe-Harris. How do we celebrate the vagina inclusively? Listen and think!