Mariel Stein

Mariel Stein (she/her/hers) is a writer and performer from Long Island, NY. She is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz, where she earned a BA in Theatre Performance and a minor in Creative Writing. She was also a member of the Honors Program and for her senior thesis, she wrote a queer retelling of William Shakespeare's "As You Like It" " called "No Longer Celia." In 2018, two of her poems were published in Chronogram Magazine and her poem, "Capsize," was featured in the 2019 edition of Stonesthrow Review. In autumn of 2019, she will begin a new and exciting journey as an English teacher in Japan. Mariel identifies as bisexual and aims to create more art related to the queer, female experience in the future.


murky storm clouds

 drifting over a pride parade


muted conversations

 beneath a firework display


flirty interactions

 on tentative replay


a kiss on the cheek

 instead of being brave


blush strokes upon skin

 before truth fades away