QUEERIES BLOG is a platform dedicated to hosting the art, stories, and perspectives of LGBTQIA+ identified artists and writers of all varieties. From poets to podcasters to law essays, Queeries is a free space for all LGBTQIA+ creators to host and share their work without judgement. Anything that might be a little too queer or off the beaten path to be hosted by other literary journals is welcome here.

Our bread and butter is our team of residential writers who write seasonally for the blog and produce most of the content. Our residential writers also come together once a season to contribute to Queeries Zine which is published and distributed quarterly, with all profits going towards a different LGBTQIA+ charity or non-profit organization.

If you’d like to join the ranks of Queeries writers, you can submit a piece to the blog you think might fit our style or apply to become a residential writer.

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Founded in June of 2018.